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EBT's mission is to evolve into a significant international information technology company offering cost-effective, superior quality and commercially viable software services and solutions. EBT will adhere to strong internal value systems such as pursuit of excellence, integrity and fairness, and these principles will manifest themselves in all of EBT's interactions with its clients, partners and employees.

  • To use our experienced staff to intuitively visualizing then architecting your creative solutions.
  • To enable our customers to cruise ahead to market with a rich, high quality custom software solutions, and thus gain early advantage.

If you are planning to develop Web-based IT applications for faster and reliable results in your organization, E-Base can help. As a Microsoft, Macromedia, Oracle certified partner and with our experience in developing web applications involving .NET, Java, Coldfusion etc ...

E-Base is committed to providing world-class data warehouse consulting services that are customized according to the needs of your company. We deliver entire suite of Dataware house solutions.

Manage your enterprise data for reliable on-demand access. Let us ...

SAP today is the world's leading business software solution and e-business platform. E-Base Technologies follows a well-defined methodology enabling our clients to exploit the benefits of SAP as quickly as possible and in the most cost effective manner.

SAP ...

In the field of QA and software testing solutions, E-Base Technologies offers a combination of proven experience, skills, products, and services to create a comprehensive solution that meets customers’ business needs.

The E-Base Technologies QA experts provide services and ...

Press and News
May 24, 2012 | Unovon
UNOVON has entered into an agreement with E-Base Technologies to provide Ongoing ...
08/01/2012 | Transparent CMS
TransparentCMS provides information for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting, return on investment ...
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